Sunday, September 26, 2010

An old poem I wrote.

Three-mile limit

Quickly dipping, turning, flipping,
scarcely skirting land and sky,
the kite gnaws at its string relentlessly
chaffing fears both low and high.

Down the line and to the left,
just past the pier’s ungainly mass,
the crashing waves of liquid jade
churn forth a chill of winter glass.

A little boy of nine or ten is
combing sand for rocks and shells,
he saves a few and casts the rest
into the ocean’s midnight swells.

They scream his name and search ‘till dawn
through wave cut coves and idle cracks,
until the tide comes rolling in,
forever blotting out his tracks.


  1. Nice poem; your ocean metaphor in the second stanza is really beautiful.

  2. Very nice. I wasnt expecting it to end like it did.

  3. I really like this poem, your style is very good, would like to see more from you!